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Playground Four Play Water Based Lubricant Bundle

Playground Four Play Water Based Lubricant Bundle

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Introducing the Playground Four Play Bundle – a must-have set for sensational moments of pleasure! With four unique water-based lubricants to choose from, you'll always be ready to enhance your intimate experiences. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with the Love Sesh, After Hours, Mini Escape, and Date Night lubricants. Each bottle contains a delightful blend of ingredients designed to elevate your pleasure to new heights.

Experience a lubricant for every occasion and mood – Love Sesh, fragrance-free and perfect for passionate adventures. After Hours, with its enticing musk and oud wood notes, creates an aura of mystery and seduction. Feel whisked away to a tropical paradise with Mini Escape, a delightful mix of coconut and sandalwood. And let Date Night enchant you with its champagne and vanilla aroma, setting the mood for romantic encounters.

Crafted with vegan-friendly ingredients, like hydrating hyaluronic acid and nourishing vitamin E, each Playground lubricant ensures a gentle and skin-soothing experience. Enjoy a smooth and non-sticky glide, thanks to the added bamboo extract that offers seamless pleasure without any discomfort.

Not only do these lubricants deliver unforgettable sensations, but they also come in eco-friendly packaging. Playground is committed to sustainability, providing sleek and leak-proof bottles made from recycled materials. So you can enjoy your pleasure guilt-free, knowing you're contributing to a cleaner and greener world.


  • Brand: Playground
  • Features: Vegan formula, water-based, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid
  • Packaging: Eco-friendly, made from recycled materials
  • Bundle: 4-pack (Love Sesh, After Hours, Mini Escape, Date Night)
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