Welcome to the House of Sacred Energy Xchange

Welcome to the House of Sacred Energy Xchange

A look back at the first event that started it all...

Few know the power of pleasure and play, and most are unaware of the potency of sex to heal, create, and transform from the inside out. Welcome to the House of Sacred Energy Xchange a celebration of  (S.E.X) showcasing featured creators, fine artists, musicians, and wellness practitioners across the globe. At our house, enjoy curated digital and physical art, alluring live performances, and integrated wellness practices that encourage attendees to embrace their sensual nature and unlock sacred perspectives.

03.22.23 Los Angeles 34.04619, -118.25219

Special Guests and Featured Performers: Miguel, Founder S1CWorld and S1CLA, The Rio Sirah Experience, NeoSutras, Shira Lazar, Founder What's Trending?

Musical Performances: Jazzi, TK the Legend, Tomboy, Domino, Soley, ByHaze, DJ Remi, DJ Tay Hdsn,

Featured Fine Artists: Oliver Halsman, Punk Me Tender, Lora Zombie, Toni Payne, Steve O Spirals, Crypto Miyagi, Bijan Machen, Lichiban, Manny Linx, Franky Nines, + More!

Collaborating Communities: S1CWorld, Weosh, Strippaverse, Cabana Social, INFTspaces, Outer Edge LA

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